lare April 08, 2023:  rewrite all links to make wiki more compatiple with wiki-ng use <http(s)://link> instead of plain http(s)://link use absolute links + remove https://internal.dn42 and https//wiki.dn42 prefixes [4c127e7]
lare April 07, 2023:  further fixes: escape < to not be interpreted as link [1f48451]
lare April 07, 2023:  fix mailto links [ac0c4b0]
lare April 07, 2023:  add simplelogin to e-mail providers [fe93ba5]
KIOUBIT-MNT May 31, 2021:  Fix Headers, Spaces [c10f15e]
DN42 Wiki (BURBLE-MNT) March 20, 2021:  Updated E Mail Providers (markdown) [9535fb3]
DN42 Wiki (BURBLE-MNT) March 18, 2021:  Updated E Mail Providers (markdown) [aa4f91c]
siska April 25, 2015:  Created E Mail Providers (markdown) [d710b11]