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lare December 15, 2022:  add "max-length" for route + "country" for inetnum + note about "max-length" [072babb]
DannyAAM August 15, 2022:  fix wrong path [17de663]
Simon Marsh July 29, 2022:  Allow for netblock splitting [ce67e09]
Simon Marsh May 29, 2022:  change getting started guide [1720ff0]
ciplc May 23, 2022:  Added reference to the schema in howto/gettingstarted [96b1610]
Simon Marsh May 30, 2021:  misc. fixes [549969b]
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DN42 Wiki (BURBLE-MNT) May 29, 2020:  Lots of link and formatting changes to provide minimal Gollum 5.x support. More effort is probably needed to tidy up properly. [ff52614]